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interior design

Our Interior Design service is a strategic and methodical approach to the design of spaces, both residential and commercial. Through a thorough analysis of your needs, we develop customized and functional solutions. From concept to practical implementation, we work to optimize the harmony of spaces, taking care of every aspect from feasibility to furniture selection, thus ensuring an environment that reflects your identity and meets your needs.


materials consultation

Our Team of Interior designers and Architects can best advise the client On matching and coordinating various materials therefore combining finishes, colors and fabrics with experience and style by drawing on the materioteca as the focal point of our Showroom.


Corporate showroom tours

We offer the opportunity for customers, at the stage of presentation of our Interior Project to be accompanied inside the corporate showrooms of our Partner Brands with the objective of viewing the entire collection of products defining the model or version most in line with their own style and need.


inspections and measurements surveys

Our on-site inspections represent a dedicated and professional service aimed at ensuring maximum precision and accuracy in interior design projects. We will arrange to visit the site or property to assess the space and take measurements so that we fully understand the specific needs of the project, creating a customized solution. Our attention to detail and precision ensures a flawless and satisfying end result.


transportation and assembly

Our transportation and assembly service is carried out by teams of trained and qualified Technicians in the industry. We guarantee safe and reliable transportation to the destination as well as precise assembly performed with care and expertise. Our professional teams are committed to Ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing comprehensive and quality service from delivery to furniture installation.


after-sales service

Our after-sales service is an ongoing commitment to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We remain available to answer questions, provide technical support and personalized assistance. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship based on trust and full satisfaction, offering courteous and competent assistance for as long as needed!

DICONO about us

We are two guys in our 30s, and we furnished the whole house at Poloni's. Needless to say, Marco's skilful hands made our house truly fantastic; we started with the kitchen, chosen from those on display in the showroom, and from there we designed everything else in the house, reconciling colors, materials and furnishings. It was a really great experience, the decorating part is the only one I would do again tomorrow! We always get so many compliments on home, so super recommended!

Elisa Customer

We furnished the whole house with Poloni! A wonderful experience! We immediately felt great about the quality obviously of their products but especially by their service (timeliness, delivery time, taking measurements, ...). Great and long professionalism! If we had another house to furnish we would do it again right away and with them! Well done and congratulations again!

Samuel customer

I purchased a Cassina display armchair online at a discounted price. I am so glad I made this purchase from them! Serious and reliable store.

Augusta Customer

It was recommended to me and I must say that it is very nice store the furniture with important design is very knowledgeable and friendly staff!!! I recommend it for those who want to furnish home with class ... bravo!

Roger Customer